Cruella ★★★

A bit too long for my taste truthfully! 

The drawn out length paired with what I would consider unnecessary narration makes it hard for me to absolutely adore something as campy and fun as Cruella. But I think the bigger, more glaring issue is I just didn’t feel fully entranced by the backstory concocted for one of my favorite Disney villains. Maleficent, a film I had coming to mind often during my watch of Cruella, felt so alive with its balance of justification and implications when it came to Maleficent’s origins and I found Cruella to fall quite flat in that regard. 

I’m all for the fashion being over the top but the level of absurdity going on elsewhere in the film felt a bit too much to really feel like a proper addition to the Dalmatian lore. 

But again, at the end of the day, Cruella is fun! And I’ll always gladly watch Emma Stone and Emma Thompson be in silly goofy moods as they cause mayhem and do glam crime!

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