Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★★

Speak No Evil is so effectively scary. I am genuinely in tears haha lol :)))))

By the 37 minute mark, I was so uncomfortable I wanted to turn Speak No Evil off. By the hour ten mark, I was frozen with horror. By the end, I was completely awestruck by just how fucked up this is. 

I’m so scared!!! I don’t know what to say!! I watch a rather large amount of horror and it is such a rarity for me to be left so scared. This is very well done in the worst way. Everything about it was just so gut-wrenchingly terrible. HOLY SHIT!!!! 

I am very, very glad I watched this early in the morning so I have time to try and purge it from my brain. 

SIFF 2022 Watch #7

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