The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur ★★★

You’re me and more.” 

If y’all thought my dead dad trauma having ass did not absolute ball my eyes out multiple times while watching this, you don’t know me at all!!! 

I have such mixed feelings about The Good Dinosaur, one of only two Pixar films I still had yet to see. On one hand, the set up of this is a really unique attempt at the dinosaur movie angle. In some ways, this reminded me a bit of BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs in its personification of dinosaurs. I also appreciated how unforgiving they chose to make the landscapes. In a way, this is almost sort of like a dinosaur western movie. As just about everyone else has mentioned, and let’s be honest, how can you not mention this: the backgrounds of quite literally the entire runtime are absolutely otherworldly in their beauty. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor multiple times because I was just so caught off guard by how good things looked.

However, for having such considerably gorgeous animation in terms of scenery, I really wish this had more accurate depictions of dinosaurs to accompany it. I understand the cartoonized approach to some extent. But for how much new information there is in regards to how dinosaurs looked, Pixar really missed an opportunity to make one of the first films implementing that new knowledge. Additionally, the overall story feels a bit on the lack luster and repetitive side (even though it still made me cry, although that’s not really difficult at all). 

All in all, a lovely, quick watch. But I also now find it quite understandable why The Good Dinosaur doesn’t often times come up in Pixar conversations.

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