The Kissing Booth 3

The Kissing Booth 3

Why does Hollywood and the book industry keep snapping up fanfics and fanfic adjacent series like After and Fifty Shades of Grey and The Kissing Booth when “All the Young Dudes” is literally RIGHT!!! THERE!!!

I think the answer is already obvious though. These industries have, even still, a consistent gravitation towards media that relies on the outrageously extreme and misogynistic rather than media that provides strong representation. I have A LOT of thoughts about these issues, given my adoration of reading and writing fanfiction, exploring misogyny in media and fanfiction, and all other details that collide within that. BUT instead, I highly recommend Rachel Charlene Lewis’ article for Bitchmedia which perfectly articulates the misogyny infused in the Wattpad to Netflix pipeline.

In other news, despite me trying to be positive going in to a watch like this, because I hate being overly negative, I really struggled. The tropes are outrageous, the relationships unhealthy, the lighting glaringly poor, and the characters just not great. Seeing a group of white, financially well off characters lose their minds over their summer home being sold simply because they can’t wrap their brains around the lack of necessity for a property they haven’t stepped foot in until the third movie is just!!!! Especially bizarre to see during a climate crisis and global pandemic. Oh you’re sad about your beach house being put on sale? Elle, Lee, Noah… There’s people that are dying. (Yes, this is a Keeping Up with the Kardashians reference)

ANYWAYS! Go read “All the Young Dudes” on AO3. And someone in the industry PLEASE give MsKingBean89 a multi-million dollar book deal already?!? Their work has over 3 million hits!! They deserve it!!!!!

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