Night and the City ★★★★

This is a fantastic noir, unusually set in the underbelly of London. The film is home to con artists, cigarette girls, crooks and gangsters.

The main protagonist is an unlikeable character by the name of Harry Fabien - he steals, cheats and weasels his way around life in a desperate attempt to make something big of himself. When the perfect opportunity to take hold of London's wrestling scene presents itself to him, he literally begs, borrows and steals to get a foothold. Of course, this being a quintessential noir, things spiral out of control quickly.

Probably the best part of the film for me was the lighting and exterior shots. But it would be rude of me to ignore the fantastic performance of Richard Widmark; I read or heard somewhere that he was fed up of being type cast as the crazy psycho, but really plays it so well!

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