Welcome II the Terrordome

Welcome II the Terrordome ★★★★

I’m sick and tired, and I want you to be sick and tired with me 

uncompromising sharp-edged fury. notable for being the first feature by a black british woman to get a theatrical release, welcome ii the terrordome rises to a devastating climax: from early scenes of clunky dialogue and delivery, to an audacious economy of style and message. the central set piece of angela defending her murdered son via a cop-killing spree is sparse and brutal. this minimalist violence cutting to a choreographed fight rehearsal from the terrordome’s men — shirtless, in front of a shooting range target — is going to stick in my mind for a long time. relational complexities, centuries of white violence and black pain drilled down to a single allegory, a single night. the only solution is complete destruction. 

thrilled that most of ngozi onwurah’s shorts are on bfi player and criterion so I can watch more.