Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

DO YOU EVER WATCH A MOVIE SO BEAUTIFUL & SENSUAL THAT YOU LEAVE THE CINEMA RED-FACED & DESPONDENT BECAUSE U CAN'T WATCH IT AGAIN IMMEDIATELY??? this movie made me want to impulsively buy a plane ticket to Northern Italy, sink into a bathtub with a glass of pinot noir and weep gentle tears until Armie Hammer came along - complete in billowy blue shirt and booty shorts - to wipe them away, and promise that my pain would subside in 100yrs when this movie is FINALLY released & I finally get to watch him dance stupidly to Love My Way and fall deeply & tenderly in love as many times as my bank account allows. 

SIDE NOTES: THE NEW SUFJAN STEVENS SONGS SCALPED ME!!!!! I AM SO #VALIDATED BY "FUTILE DEVICES" BEING #CONFIRMED GAY. Also Timotheé Chalamet gives straight up one of the best performances of this year, I literally couldn't look at his face without bawling at some points, GOD.

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