The Farewell

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This review may contain spoilers.

This was borderline unbearable to sit through because it made me miss my Nai Nai so badly lmao. My last memory of her is the way she cried at the airport as we said goodbye so those final moments, man. MAN!!

I feel like the movie’s strength was its ability to pull back before things got cloying. It was grounded in richly observed relationships and the extreme specificity/care going into every scene was lovely. And it felt wild that it was 100% aimed at people like me? Like this is legit the first time I’ve watched a movie and thought.......this is completely my life, my family, that rly unique feeling of being severed from an entire world you belonged to & coming back to find it alien. 

I love that Billi’s parents in this are fully fleshed out people with their own traumas and baggage. The uncle was also a legend and him PROFUSELY WEEPING at the microphone at the chintzy ass banquet hall was literally an encapsulation of me watching this filmé through a veil of tears

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