could successfully defend nicole kidman in a court of law

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  • Big Little Lies
  • Sharp Objects
  • To Die For
  • Booksmart

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  • The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music


    YEAH…how can my heart be so full and so broken at the SAME TIME. 2 hrs and 52 mins of absolute genius that has never been topped. I will not be getting out of bed for the next 7-10 days. From marching around my nanas house listening to do re mi on a cassette player and making my aunt play maria while i play the von trapp kids in my backyard, to giving thanks to julie andrews on thanksgiving, to watching this at 23 years old the place this movie has in my heart is IRREPLACEABLE!!!

  • The Stepford Wives

    The Stepford Wives


    the funniest things are the unintentional in this movie. nicole kidman breathes and i crack up. when she runs across a yard at one point i absolutely lose my mind. her wig. her forehead. glenn close and bette midler are literally in this with her. she is married to matthew broderick. it’s 2004.

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  • Being the Ricardos

    Being the Ricardos



    i may be biased BUT nicole was incredible. you can tell she put her heart into it. i surprisingly was more impressed by the snippets of the lucy ricardo moments more than the lucille ball moments from nicole. i enjoyed this a lot more than i thought i was going to. i truly have no cinematic knowledge other than enjoyment to base ratings off of, but after reading some reviews about the directing, and even some comments about the chemistry between nicole/javier i completely see where those are coming from. in the end, i’d say…solid!

  • Muppets Haunted Mansion

    Muppets Haunted Mansion


    Coming to you from letterboxd on a LAPTOP to say this is very fun and silly especially if you are familiar with the attraction! I just probably will implode if bean bunny is not featured in something SOON!!!!!!