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  • Street Trash

    Street Trash

    This is one of the most bizarre films I’ve seen, and I thought I watched some Hardcore Silly. It has shades of a very low rent They Live (albeit with a very different plot) but somehow even more eighties. By which I mean, this revels in its extreme beefcakery. 

    I have so many questions. What the hell is that song in the closing credits? Why the Nam flashbacks? What is going on in this film? Who hurt you? Who funded this?…

  • The Hills Have Eyes

    The Hills Have Eyes

    Is this where the term hillbilly comes from?

    This hasn’t dated well. Dull, not enough money (I assume) for any good gore so we rely on a lot of characters dying in very boring ways like being shot. Ends super abruptly. The woman screaming incessantly for men to save her is excruciating on the ears. The dialogue is tough to follow due to the sound quality (and the whole “oh these dumb hillbillies can’t speak proper” vibe). The subtitles on…

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  • Sinister



    Not really my genre, paranormal-type stuff. This isn’t too bad though. 

    I enjoyed the mystery / crime thriller element to it but I thought the overall premise was a bit weak in the end as an explanation for what had happened. It just didn’t really work for me. Too much wandering around in the dark and creaks and bangs that lead nowhere, too. 

    Also, the snuff films are gritty awfulness. Yikes.

    EDIT: I just read other people’s reviews and the problem…

  • Eden Lake

    Eden Lake


    The worst of the worst.