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  • WR: Mysteries of the Organism

    WR: Mysteries of the Organism


    hahaha is there anywhere people have orgies for socialist revolution in sydney... asking for a friend

  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman


    A low-budget fictional documentary starring the director as herself, searching archives and carrying out interviews to reconstruct the history of a black lesbian actress in the 1930s. This is intercut with romance-comedy scenes exploring the director's life as a video clerk including her friendship conflicts and development of a relationship with a white woman. While the performances and editing are quite awkward and obviously low-budget, the sense of authenticity and warmth exuding from the heart of the film carries it…

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  • House



    i lovve crazy editing like in daisies but i wad told this was fujn to watcg while drunk and its possible i watche
    d it too drunk to apprécierez :) fully

  • Girlfriends



    Aside from its tender exploration of friendship, Jewish womanhood and being a struggling artist in New York that reminded me quite strongly of Frances Ha, this film's refreshing approach to loneliness is its greatest strength. The ability to have time for oneself is a privilege that social pressures to act as a carer in both the home and professional life deny women in this context. Susan's loneliness is central to this film, juxtaposed to married Anne, yet it is not…