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  • Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal

    "For they believe they alone can interpret the scriptures, as if truth were an object to be possessed, instead of a living thing recognized and cultivated by the mind and heart."

    Still parsing this film... but I was fascinated to see Rossellini in particular take on this subject. You can see how he'd be interested in this historical figure's desire to dissolve his contemporaries' binary ideas of science and faith, and now I'm left very intrigued to read some Pascal...

  • Bugambilia



    When you revisit your fave movies and they're even better than you remembered

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  • Notorious



    Pedro Costa on Notorious: "Our Man of Desire torturing us again with the cruelest of films."

  • They Live by Night

    They Live by Night

    "We can learn together." 💔

    Ahhh ok all those scenes between the two leads are filmed so beautifully... I'm jaded with how often films attempt and fail to capture a genuine feeling of romance/passion, meanwhile this debut from Ray has such a natural intensity and sweetness

    and now I'm so curious to see the Altman adaptation of the same book