The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World

i will prob delete this because i don’t enjoy thinking critically about things i care about but

1) before seeing i didn’t know anything and my only criticism when it ended was that it was “clearly made by a woman who doesn’t cum”— wrong! i mention this just to say all the criticism about it being “very by a man” is dumb and bad, and that everyone who said that should probably start cumming too

2) proof that only non-americans can comment on culture. if this were made by any american—even the ones i like—it would be too chicken shit to say anything except that men are “fucked up” and women are sad, even if it might say that beautifully or tragically  

3) what i loved so much about it is that it’s instead the best version of “being sad because i don’t know what i want,” because in order for that to be introspective, she has to be brave enough to make choices and want things, and for her choices to be foreclosed upon anyway.

4) now that i know who made it, my new criticism is: well, sure, but how sad really is that? to circle back to orgasms, i think that everyone is too crabby. not depressed or whatever— that i understand 😂 too crabby! by the time you’re thirty just like, relax.

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