me: wow so many exciting movies this year. can’t wait to watch them all
my bank account: bitch we broke

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  • Alone/Together



    “Stop acting like a child”
    “Like a child? I am a child. But why do i feel so old? Hindi ko na kilala ang sarili ko. I should be dreaming, conquering the world”


    watching this after having an existential crisis at 1am last night is definitely an experience™️.

    instead of a romance, i see this more as a coming of age film and that’s where it shines the most: highlighting how messy growing up is in a world that’s…

  • House of Flying Daggers

    House of Flying Daggers


    *two leads flirting while they’re about to be impaled by the sharpened ends of bamboo sticks*
    me: omg this is so romantic 😭😭

    anyway pussy so good it’s got two grown men dueling over it from spring all the way through winter. just queen zhang ziyi thingz

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