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  • Agnes of God

    Agnes of God


    Is it me? Was the film stock in the 80s just shit, or does every movie filmed in Canada just look like this? Anne Bancroft is simply great. I don’t know what movie Jane Fonda is acting in...she’s just doing her own thing... she’s too clipped and manic and pushy for this role.

  • The Keep

    The Keep


    The most 1983 thing ever. The cheesy score calls to mind a VHS tape from the $2 used movie bin at Blockbuster. Mild saving grace to this incomprehensible thing about nazis and monsters: its distinct look and one ever forgets watching it.

  • What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael

    What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael


    Fine. Competent as far as these things go. Better idea: go order a copy of her "5001 Nights at The Movies" and read it cover to cover...that is the best way to immerse yourself in this work of this delightfully frustrating, enraging, hilariously mean film critic.

  • Coma



    That Brutalist architecture. Every streetscape-killing concrete building makes me think of bodies hanging from a ceiling.

  • Imitation of Life

    Imitation of Life


    Crying at the end of this is a rite of passage. No one escapes the emotional pull.

    It’s lush and beautifully done ... the artificiality and intensity are purposeful...and it is one of a handful of films where Lana Turner shows she can act.

  • Melancholia



    The end of the world. But no crowds in the streets. No president making doomsday speeches. No scientists arguing in a lab. Just its effect on one family.

    I saw this in 2011 and it crushed me. I understood every goddamn second. Justine is me. I’ve actually been afraid to watch it again.

  • Eyes of Laura Mars

    Eyes of Laura Mars


    Photos by Helmut Newton, music by Streisand, story by John Carpenter, full-on 1970s NYC, and Faye Dunaway at her most gorgeous.

    Wish the credentials had yielded a more exciting actually needs MORE of what some at the time found a turn-off.. A kinkier, more graphic film...with a stronger director (De Palma?)...would have aged better.

    This is PG stuff with some boobs and F-words...but a delicious time capsule nonetheless.

  • The Night of the Iguana

    The Night of the Iguana


    We don’t have record of Bette Davis’ performance in the broadway original...but Ava Gardner certainly seems like she is channeling Bette at times. She’s good but I don’t think this is her at her best.

    Burton though...born for this role. And as always with Williams...the atmosphere he creates is simply brilliant.

  • Working Girls

    Working Girls


    The movie’s ok...the real attraction is the little-known star Judith Wood. She was the original “Kitty Packard” in the Broadway version of Dinner at Eight (later played by Jean Harlow on the screen). She has a great presence and star’s a shame she didn’t have much of a career. But we are almost 100 years later still appreciating her work.

  • Fantasia



    For some reason I can handle criticism of all my favorite films...except this one. It's too special...I'm too close to it.

    "Night on Bald Mountain" fades into "Ave Maria" and a bell tolls in the surround speakers and it makes me happy to be alive.

  • Alien



    Handful of movies I just fantasize...what was it like to be the FIRST audience to experience the shock...the moment that changed everything ? Psycho...The Exorcist....and Alien.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    Satisfies the need for a quick fix. Solid storytelling, decent ending... but the action set pieces are just busy and ineffective, and the CGI aliens ho-hum. Give me good old analog, claustrophobic “Alien” over this.