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  • Shockproof



    Patricia Knight is damn good in this role...picking up the pieces after a jail sentence, play-acting her way through parole, and choosing between the gangster and the momma’s boy. Film takes a left turn 3/4 in that I wasn’t expecting. At all. Guess I’m not “shockproof.”

    We will just pretend the final 30 seconds didn’t happen.

  • Scarlet Street

    Scarlet Street


    All I can think of right now is “Night of the Hunter”...another movie I watched in a state of awe over the flawless execution....and upon the ending, utterly spent and traumatized, declared I’d never put myself through a 2nd viewing.

    Shout out to lovely Margaret Lindsay ...wasted in so many dumb ingenue roles back at Warner Bros....who gets a small but memorable “working girl” role here as the only character with a shred of conscience and wisdom.

  • Lured



    If you told me single every scene in this film was written and directed by its own separate set of people...I would believe you. How many tone shifts can a movie have? What a goddamn mess.

    Nice cast of lovable character actors tho. Lucille Ball and George Zucco...that’s a pairing I never expected to see.

  • Shanghai Express

    Shanghai Express


    And why are you traveling to Shanghai?

    “To buy a new hat.”

    I just want to climb into this film and hang out in that compartment with Marlene and Anna May Wong and smoke and listen to the phonograph and talk about what pricks men are.

  • The Sound of Fury

    The Sound of Fury


    Jesus. Lloyd Bridges’ hep cat, douchebag psychopath must be seen to be believed. And what a great performance from Frank Lovejoy as the unemployed vet who finds out all about the American Dream.

    Thank god they threw in Adele Jergens’ saucy dame character so there was at least SOME relief from the anguish and pain in this film. Harrowing stuff.

  • Leave Her to Heaven

    Leave Her to Heaven


    Is it bad that I 100% sympathize with Gene Tierney's character...and also hate her sister and step son?

  • Nightfall



    I’d absolutely run off with Aldo Ray. That man is a DISH. (Tho possibly
    not a deep dish). Oscar to Anne Bancroft for her colorful exit from the fashion show.

  • The Raging Tide

    The Raging Tide


    First 15 minutes are perfect, full-blown, on-location San Francisco noir...promising us a movie that never really arrives. The fishing boat/redemption angle doesn't work. At all. Winters gets in some smart-ass dialogue and a sexy make out session with gangster Conte.

  • House of Strangers

    House of Strangers


    I was not expecting the last 10 minutes of this movie. Nope. Extra star just for that bit of dark, jaw-dropping nastiness.

  • Dead Reckoning

    Dead Reckoning


    The 10-cent pulp novel narration seals its had to seem borderline comical even in '47. Flashback structure adds zilch to lead balloon of a story.

    Lizabeth Scott gets all sort of hate... but I think her vacant mannequin act always feels right at home in these noirs (she's excellent in "Pitfall" and "Desert Fury.").

    Visually, at least, she's the best thing in the movie.

  • The Big Tip Off

    The Big Tip Off


    Reporter gets duped into comically unconvincing gangster/fraud scheme...with all the usual B-movie WTF plot twists . Style-free direction reminds one of 1950s TV commercials.

    I'll watch Conte in anything...even when he slums it at Poverty Row...but this wasn't easy.