• Looking: The Movie

    Looking: The Movie


    The series was a self-conscious bore...the movie continues the legacy. Generic characters, stock situations, no real humor or soul, and god forbid anything offend. We gays make turgid movies about ourselves...but ace movies about heterosexuals or closet cases.

  • Weekend



    Why is this so bad. Oh...same guy who did “Looking”...the other movie that’s like watching paint dry.

  • Memory: The Origins of Alien

    Memory: The Origins of Alien


    Decent exploration of the film...fans will enjoy. I would have liked more about its theatrical release and the “viral” reaction to that chest scene (which I recall hearing about as a kid at the time).... but as the title says...this is about origins.

  • Prometheus



    Im an absolute sucker for movies that aim this high and miss.

  • Maleficent



    No character arc in this entire film makes a goddamn ounce of sense.

    LOL there is a sequel?!?

  • You'll Find Out

    You'll Find Out


    You should see one Kay Kyser film (but just one). The guy is plum crazy...but if you get in the right mindset, there is a ditzy charm (I cannot even convey how wildly popular he was...his radio show was like the Seinfeld of its time).

    Quality haunted house atmospherics (including miniature props from King Kong in the lab background)...a scary seance (maybe the best in movie history? I'd argue it)...good big band tunes...Ginny Simms' velvety voice...AND Karloff, Lugosi, and Lorre....which is way more than any film could ever ask for.

    There is a thing called Ish Kabbible in this...once seen..cant be unseen.

  • The Spiral Staircase

    The Spiral Staircase


    ...and slasher movies were born.

    Sinister and creepy...blessed with a knockout score and rich, intense performances from a couple of legendary actresses.

    Perfect double feature with "The Uninvited".

  • Christmas Holiday

    Christmas Holiday


    The original Black Christmas. What a solemn, morbidly depressing film (enjoyably so...as it features two stars that were typically an audience guarantee of light, unchallenging material...).

    It isn't great...but Durbin is terrific and Kelly is sexy AF. Its a huge disservice that this film has been out of circulation for decades...caught up in b.s. with the Maugham estate. Please...someone...TCM? Criterion?...help straighten this shit out so we can see a proper release some day.

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    As ravishing and well-performed as rumored. My god the art direction. The structure takes some getting used to...a little hard to get your footing in that obtuse first act...worth hanging in there.

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    I don’t remember who got Oscar that year but it damn sure wasn’t a better performance than what Mikkelsen achieves here.

    ***Be warned there is some strong animal violence in this film. Not faked.

  • Dressed to Kill

    Dressed to Kill


    If you are going to murder me, please have a Pino Donaggio score playing in the background. Thank you.

  • Klute



    Jane Fonda is far better than the movie (which i feel like I can say about almost all of her performances).

    In fact...I think her scene listening to the murder of a fellow prostitute is one of the finest things I've ever seen.