ClarksDad has written 9 reviews for films rated ★★½ during 2020.

  • Agnes of God

    Agnes of God


    Is it me? Was the film stock in the 80s just shit, or does every movie filmed in Canada just look like this? Anne Bancroft is simply great. I don’t know what movie Jane Fonda is acting in...she’s just doing her own thing... she’s too clipped and manic and pushy for this role.

  • Working Girls

    Working Girls


    The movie’s ok...the real attraction is the little-known star Judith Wood. She was the original “Kitty Packard” in the Broadway version of Dinner at Eight (later played by Jean Harlow on the screen). She has a great presence and star’s a shame she didn’t have much of a career. But we are almost 100 years later still appreciating her work.

  • Neptune's Daughter

    Neptune's Daughter


    An ok swimming pool musical. Not Esthers best.

    Immortalized as the movie that gave people a totally out of context Christmas song to get bent out of shape about 70 years later.

  • The Great Ziegfeld

    The Great Ziegfeld


    A lot of people dog on this Best Picture winner...and tho it’s basically a lavish altar MGM constructed so we could worship the worlds most boring’s elegant and pretty and all the money spent shows on the screen.

    This is not the director one gravitates to for scintillating entertainment.

  • Myra Breckinridge

    Myra Breckinridge


    An honest failure, but not a disaster. Points for being a total original (can't think of anything remotely like it). It was DESPISED when there is usually some merit in things that get people that worked up. I see what they were going for...but they didn't achieve it.

    Same studio and year as "Beyond The Valley of The Dolls"

    Twentieth Century Fox was on some serious LSD that year.

    Mae West is ON POINT and completely great (bless her), and Racquel looks like a hundred billion dollars.

  • Private Hell 36

    Private Hell 36


    Sweet cast in what feels (and looks) like a 50s TV cop show. Very low-incident script doesn't really give anyone to a chance to shine.

  • Whirlpool



    Love this cast & this director...pains me that after 2 viewings it’s still a low-energy dud.

  • The Hard Way

    The Hard Way


    What’s your Jack Carson/Dennis Morgan threshold? Mine is low. Feels like they were in every Warner Brothers movie for 10 years.

    Ida Lupino carries the film, swaggering through James Wong Howe’s luscious B&W photography. Her brief scene with Gladys George is one of the few moments in the film that ring true.

  • That Brennan Girl

    That Brennan Girl


    Poverty Row programmer feels a bit like something Warners would have tackled in the brave pre-code era...but theirs would have been paced a whole lot better. Mona Freeman is quite good, and the film tackles poverty and single motherhood with surprising frankness.