ClarksDad has written 17 reviews for films rated ★★★★½ during 2020.

  • Prometheus



    Im an absolute sucker for movies that aim this high and miss.

  • Parasite



    Just uncomfortable to even witness. The brilliant gallows humor keeps it from being straight up torturous.

    Narratively I didn’t quite buy the “event” that sets off the second half of the film...but damn.. it’s all executed so perfectly so who cares.

  • Showgirls



    I saw it opening night back in '95...loved it. Audience loved it. I think everyone there took it as the over-the-top, Russ Meyer-esque bit of insanity it was meant to be.

    The NC-17 rating was the kiss of death.

  • Downstairs



    The great John Gilbert...eradicating any doubts about whether he could act in talkies. He owns this dastardly role like none other. Hat tip to Virginia Bruce...often lost in forgettable roles...who truly rises to the occasion here.

  • Kongo



    Deliciously sordid Pre-code jungle horror.

    Virginia Bruce is so raw and compelling in this movie. It’s a sock in the jaw because she usually was stuck in crappy roles (she’s also excellent in “Downstairs”).

  • Madonna: Truth or Dare

    Madonna: Truth or Dare


    While I'll always be haunted by her giggling after being told one of the make-up artists had been drugged and anally raped the night before (not Madonna's finest moment)...there is no getting around the earthquake-sized impact this movie had on closeted young suburban gay boys like me in the 90s.

    30 years later she is still refusing to behave the way everyone would prefer (for better or worse).

  • Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

    Beyond the Valley of the Dolls


    Roger Ebert pens an epic where a transvestite suggestively slips a loaded gun into a lesbians mouth and fires it.

    Then he rails against slasher films for 30 fucking years as a film reviewer. Oh OK girl.

    Anyway. This is Russ Meyer’s Citizen Kane.

  • Grease



    Best thing in the movie:

    56-year-old high school student Cha Cha DiGregorio, best dancer at St Bernadettes. RIP Annette Charles.

  • Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

    Mr. Deeds Goes to Town


    Step back from the larger picture for a second.

    And just focus on the extraordinary performances of Jean Arthur and Gary Cooper. Seriously...that moment in the cafe when Coop gets the guy to serenade her. No words spoken, but it says everything. Icons.

  • Wonder Bar

    Wonder Bar


    Pre-code in its absolute purest form. This is one of the last pre-code films to slip through before the Production Code was strictly enforced (mid '34).

    A character gets away with murder (she also gets whipped). There's a suicide, a moment between 2 gay men, plenty of sexual innuendo, and some remarkable Busby Berkeley numbers (the mirror effects still boggle my mind).

    ...all set (mostly) in real-time within one evening at a Paris nightclub.

    Kay Frances and Delores Del…

  • The Locket

    The Locket


    Tour-de-force performance from Laraine Day (never thought I'd type that)...the mystery woman whose story is told by her discarded men in a series of flashbacks within flashbacks...(are we in a Brian DePalma film?).

    I'd admit I yelled out loud when the surprise twist came toward the end. Damn RKO made great noirs.

    See this movie.

  • Desert Fury

    Desert Fury


    Come on now. You know you want to wrap yourself up in this Technicolor fever dream of 40s fashions, bisexual love triangles, cigarette smoke, small town gossip and Mary Astor.