ClarksDad has written 47 reviews for films rated ★★★★★ during 2020.

  • Moonrise



    I only knew Dane Clark from "Hollywood Canteen" and "A Stolen Life"...and he's annoying as all get out in both.

    But THIS. The guy is so good he made me cry. Maybe because Im in sad/romantic Covid quarantine mode...or because director Borzage knew how to turn on the emotion...but I'll never forget this.

    The Borzage acquired taste...for me it has never quite jelled until this single time when he ventured into noir. I wish he'd done more.

  • The Crowd

    The Crowd


    James Murray. Commit him to memory. He rips your heart out in one of the last great silent masterworks.

    The poor guy ended up in minor roles (he’s the guy in the boxcar in “Baby Face”), then they found him floating in the East River in NYC, basically forgotten.

  • Female Trouble

    Female Trouble


    The greatest depiction of life in my birthplace I have ever seen.

    My family still talks with these accents.

    The movie runs out of ideas in the last 20 minutes (like most John Waters films) but I refuse to penalize it.

  • Salem's Lot

    Salem's Lot


    Iconic and still effective. This movie feels like you are sitting in a grave.

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    This movie is very special to me BUT... i must admit....the Pottersville neon-lit main st. is so much cooler than the Bedford Falls main st.

    Sometimes I think if you looked into Frank Capra's soul you'd find the two conservative old maids from "Mr Deeds Goes To Town."

  • Chinatown



    Want mind blown?

    Chase down a copy of the original music score that was almost used. Ouch.

  • Brief Encounter

    Brief Encounter


    You aren't allowed to review this until you have literally almost died from unrequited love.

  • Psycho



    A fitting movie to kick off the 1960s.

    The one that changed everything....

  • Show Boat

    Show Boat


    You can take that faux 1951 Howard Keel/Kathryn Grayson version and incinerate it.

    This is the *only* Show Boat.

  • The Awful Truth

    The Awful Truth


    "Don't anybody leave this room, Ive lost mah purse."

    This Irene Dunne's greatest performance and that is a HIGH bar.

  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows


    I am a Technicolor junkie ...and this is my porn.

    Jane Wyman’s reflection in the television screen: most under-appreciated iconic moment of 1950s cinema.

  • It Happened One Night

    It Happened One Night


    Transcendent. The whole inner world of this movie...night buses, donuts, motor lodges, con artists, reporters, so genuine and richly detailed in its own rundown way. I can’t get enough of it.

    I love that Gable and Colbert went slumming over at lowly Columbia Pictures and it took their stardom to a new level (with Oscars to boot).