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  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show


    ‘Lets do the time warp again’

    I love the tv show spaced and never knew that song was from this. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a wonderfully weird film much like earth girls are easy, but better. The music is catchy and Tim curry being a weirdo transvestite is just perfect. He’s an underrated actor with some great parts. And why wouldn’t the cinematography be fantastic in this horny film? Also if I was the couple I think I would’ve escaped, sucks for them but I’m different.

    A bizarre, surreal and hilarious trip.

  • The Wrong Man

    The Wrong Man


    ‘An innocent man has nothing to fear’

    The wrong man is a new personal favourite 1956 film noir Hitchcock film. For many years he’s made films about the wrong man but this time it’s the title, it’s a true story. Henry Fonda is an incredibly diverse actor ranging from gunslinging cowboy to juror. He is incredible in this masterpiece and Vera Miles matches his acting with an equally perfect depiction of a woman having a mental breakdown. The first act…

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  • Octopussy



    ‘You has no business betting on that egg’

    This film had a lot of potential from the first half an hour but it got destroyed by a wonky uneven story line and women who seemingly never have more than a bra on. This is definitely one of the worst James Bond movies, I mean what was the deal with the clowns. The acting from Roger Moore is clearly odd as he’s not comfortable flirting when he’s that old with girls…

  • Foreign Correspondent

    Foreign Correspondent


    ‘All that noise you hear isn’t static, it’s death’

    Foreign correspondent is a 1940 war melodrama from the master of suspense. It’s a unique piece with some classic paranoia sprinkled in. The acting is pretty great as is the direction. The writing is amazing and the cinematography is outstanding. The ending scene is pure bliss with the microphone, and finally, I must praise the poster.

    An overlooked dramatic thrill ride with a great ending.