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  • Designing Woman

    Designing Woman


    Designing Woman (1957)

    This films stars Gregory Peck (a sportswriter) and Laurne Bacal (a Fashion-designer) get married and discover they have little in common. A very nice Romantic/Comedy with some very funny moments.

    THe supporting cast was very good with the likes of Jesse White (The Lonely Magtag Repairman), Chuck Connors (The Rifleman), Edward Platt (Get Smart - Chief), Richard Deacon (Dick Van Dyke Show), and Alvy Moore (Green Acres 0 Mr Kimble). Directed by Vincent Minnelli.

  • The Comedy of Terrors

    The Comedy of Terrors


    "The Comedy of Terrors" (1963), what can be said of this film. With a steller cast Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone, and Joyce Jameson. Vincent Price plays Wldo Trumbull, a drunken undertaker, his wife Amaryllis Trumbull played by the wonderful Joyce Jameson. The great Boris Karloff is Amos Hinchley, father of Amaryllis. Peter Lorrie play Price's sidekick, Felix Gillie (who is secretly in love with Amaryllis. Rounding out the cast Basil Rathbone playing John Black, Price's Landlord…

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  • The Christmas Dragon

    The Christmas Dragon


    This film is set in the middle-ages and has Dragons (bad CGI ones), Elves and Ogres. A cross between Fantasy Film and Christmas Film, not exactly know where it should be classified. This is a different telling of a kind of origin of Santa Claus (not like the commercial version we all know today), he is more of the the magical, wizrd like Father Christmas.

    A group of orphans must get an Orb back to Father Christmas before Christmas Eve…