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  • The Christmas Dragon

    The Christmas Dragon


    This film is set in the middle-ages and has Dragons (bad CGI ones), Elves and Ogres. A cross between Fantasy Film and Christmas Film, not exactly know where it should be classified. This is a different telling of a kind of origin of Santa Claus (not like the commercial version we all know today), he is more of the the magical, wizrd like Father Christmas.

    A group of orphans must get an Orb back to Father Christmas before Christmas Eve…

  • RV



    RV (2006) has a good cast with Robin Williams Cheryl Hines, Jeff Daniels, Kristin Chenoweth, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Will Arnett.

    The story is about a hard working dad (Williams) who is forced to cancel his family trip to Hawaii and go to Colorado so that he can give a presentation for his boss. So he decides to take his family on an RV adventure to Colorado without telling them why he changed the trip to Colorado. They meet The…