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  • Trading Places

    Trading Places


    So, first Christmas film I watch this year is this! I in fact did not know this was a Christmas film until recently, but there sure is enough of that Christmas spirit in there! All the performances are hilarious in here, Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't known as a comedic actress yet but is wonderful here. The subway scenes are quite bizarre yet hilarious, with John Landis in a gorilla suit of course, and for some reason Jim Belushi is there.…

  • Out for Justice

    Out for Justice


    An exciting and gritty action thriller during Steven Seagal's prime. Released in 1991, this is easily the best of his films I've seen so far, along with the following year's massive hit Under Siege.

    Seagal plays a street-wise Italian-American police officer (again) called Gino Felino who swears vengeance when his best-friend and partner Bobby Lupo is brutally murdered by former childhood friend, rage-fuelled drug addict and criminal Richie Madano, played superbly by William Forsythe who had many scenes removed by…

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  • Run Lola Run

    Run Lola Run


    Run Lola Run is the second film I've watched tonight and the second foreign film I've ever seen, and I was absolutely enthralled! I didn't enjoy it as much as my first foreign film, JCVD, which is currently my favourite films, but it has still entered my top 5.

    There's different reasons why I give films high scores. The other film I watched tonight, Escape from New York, was given 5 stars from me as I think it's an incredibly…

  • Submarine



    Submarine is a funny, heartwarming coming-of-age comedy-drama which shows how British cinema can be so great. I've heard people compare it to Bill Forsyth's films from the 80s which I have yet to see. Submarine can be hilarious and sad, it's a very charming film!