Us ★★★★

"what? are you scared of a family now?"

considering this as a rewatch even tho i was just literally flinching the three-fourths of the whole time from the first time i saw this with my family, it was even pirated. i was disturbed.

it didn't occur to me that it will really take a hit tweet to make me see this again even though horror/thriller films are really disturbing me everytime after seeing one (except for final destination that's my childhood sequel) but still, i am once again flinching the whole time.

i just know jordan peele has so much films invested in his thoughts that will make everyone surprised as i have felt when i watched get out (2017). so do this film, revealing relevant plot points and platform morals. from the hall of mirrors scene where all the story from original adelaide experienced have started up to the revelation of what happened in their first encounter. there are so much to dissect, see and await in this movie, literally the elizabeth moss scene is a throwaway inside tweet joke.

a deserving recognition to the whole casts of course, especially to lupita nyong'o for her stunning dual performance, academy award sleeping nothing new. i think i did got more of these points especially the hands across america now than the first watched as i wasn't paying enough attention the first time.

jordan peele your mind, it's been sitting in my lists for a long time.

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