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  • The Passion of Joan of Arc
  • The Red Shoes
  • Persona
  • Moulin Rouge!

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  • Paris Blues

    Paris Blues


    What an incredible score! Duke Ellington more than deserved that Oscar nomination.

    Also, I wouldn't have guessed that, in a movie starring the smoking hot quartet of Newman/Woodward/Poitier(Carroll, Serge Reggiani would rise to the top as the film's unlikely MVP.

  • The Ice Storm

    The Ice Storm


    Ang Lee films it all soberly, crystalizing the period setting in rigid color palettes, evocative compositions, and editing patterns that ring with silent musicality. It's all very virtuosic, almost self-conscious, embalming a miserable story in formal idioms that share that same mood. While it's not near the top of the director's studies of repression, THE ICE STORM is maybe his work where the theme most suffuses the screen, growing into a suffocating thing that's both intellectually sound and emotionally monotonous.…

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  • Cyrano



    We should appreciate how hard it is to make screen love feel palpable. It's often taken for granted, especially when it comes to male actors. In other words, what Peter Dinklage does here, regardless of musical prowess, is remarkable and deserves its flowers, its earned hosannas. Bennett and Harrison Jr. also excel, playing a demanding muse and endearing himbo with no hint of irony. If their register feels modern, it does so out of exuberance rather than scorn.

    Indeed, the…

  • Spencer



    I should preface my thoughts by making it clear I am a staunch anti-monarchist, against all types of nobility in fact. Furthermore, I have little sentimental nostalgia for Princess Diana. Born in 1994, I always remember her as a dead legend, if I remember her at all, rather than a living celebrity. Furthermore, the growing commodification of the woman's legacy makes me feel dread, alarm, maybe disgust. Nevertheless, that currency of mythic celebrity is also a fascinating contradiction, for it…