Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★★

when i started watching this movie i had no idea that after 15 minutes, give it or take, i would be crying with a simple "good night charlie". the whole movie was completely dreadful to watch. seeing two people tearing each other apart emotionally for 2 hours is not an easy task. it's an amazing look at love and relations and life and the importance of feeling alive. personally i related a lot with many things and that shit made me sad. it also makes me sad that adam driver is gonna lose the oscar for a clown. he does some legendary acting. somehow, scarlett johanson is even better, and this is coming from someone who really never found her a great actress, not even a good one. she acts and acts and acts. she really acts a lot. this movie is perfect and for sure top 3 of the year and i wouldn't be surprised if this wins best picture. deserves every award possible. everyone involved in this movie deserves every praise possible. the fact is i cried like a little bitch and this movie attacked me a lot. and i loved it. i loved every single second.

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