Possessor ★★★

clearly a riff on the father's obsessions, as if he had squeezed out his usual topics to obtain a rough, unfiltered version of such imaginary. but brandon c. brings something new to the table: if in the movies of d. cronenberg the relationship between technology and the body was still a warning or a hypothesis about what was to come, in this film such limits are diffuse as the reality confirms off-screen, or are already a fact despite the speculative premise.

behind the clash of two consciences seeking to control a body as an in-between space, a purgatory like a shoegaze song unfolded on the screen, nests a melancholic metaphor that left me with a trace of sadness when it hatched into its inevitable conclusion. work within capitalist confines is alienation, invisible corporate tentacles possess the body, empty the mind and separate life from everything it loves.

HOOPTOBER 7.0 (2/31)

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