Tenet ★½

make no mistake, here we aren't dealing with great concepts or metaphysical reflections, the topic of temporal paradoxes is just a gimmick to pretend a certain sense of depth, the anecdote that weaves some decent action set pieces and two hours of exposure at the service of an overcomplexed plot. twenty years working within the industry and nolan is unable to use visual language to his advantage (dialogue as a crutch to fill such expressive deficiencies), almost no element in this film set it apart from other mainstream works, for example, the editing in some scenes it's similar to what one would find in superhero movies. any director facing a quirky sci-fi premise with a hundredth of the budget used here, like albert pyun, would have made a fun tight 90-minute movie without the self-indulgences that are more than ever evident

btw, if this movie came to "save theaters", it did a terrible job in light of the latest warner announcements

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