Still Walking ★★★★★

When Koreeda invites you to be the guest in a family’s home, you sit still, watch, and listen. Within just a day’s visit, while not much is explicitly said, a whole lot is communicated with the way you get to see each family member. Subtext is subtle but clear. Very clear. Why can’t all films be like this?*

For me, this film is also a study on contrasts. With multiple characters dealing with the same issues, it naturally makes you see who does things differently or similarly (this is mostly apparent with Ryo and his stepson). Pretty awesome how life is accurately portrayed this way. And Koreeda hands us a nice, pretty fragile lens to view these life truths with, and we must hold it with both hands, carefully.


Also, random: The mom's singing of that ‘aruitemo’ song (the line that is actually the movie’s title in Nihongo) is on loop in my head now, similar with the way my mom would sing songs (that are far from being actual lullabies) to me as a child. Gentle, comforting, but also kind of heartbreaking.

*This, of course, is a rhetorical question. 🙄