Movies of my childhood

A list-in-progress! Trying to remember the stuff I got particularly exposed to as a child/pre-teen, so this'll slowly be populated whenever memories would come back to me.

So far, it seems like I was mostly into Hollywood things. I wonder why. 🤔


The Friendly Ghost and Rookie of the Year were played repeatedly (like almost everyday, I think) on Betamax. They were recordings from video shop rentals, hah!

Baby Geniuses was seen in the theater, and our family viewing got interrupted by my first asthma attack; I had to be rushed to the hospital. Still have a clear memory of me being slumped over my dad's shoulder as he ran to get a ride to the Emergency Room.

Home Alone is, well, Die Hard for kids (Boyle, 2018). This is the truth.

  • Rookie of the Year
  • The Friendly Ghost
  • Baby Geniuses
  • Home Alone