Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★

The order in which I have watched the Terminator series is messed up. I went from third, to first, to Salvation then to this so the story when I started watching this one was a blur. On top of Salvation being the last I'd seen it was four years ago, on a long coach journey, not paying a lot of attention.

So here I finally am with whats considered to be one of the better or even best of the Terminator franchise. Like the first one, I enjoyed this a lot and only adds to my realisation that the third and forth should not overshadow Camerons originals and shouldn't even bare to be witnessed (My opinion may change in a rewatch.....dont depend on it.)

The effects used in the film are exceptional for its time, and really make this a standout in Camerons career. Nether did I think I would rate a film with Arnold Schwarzenegger this high. I also question how he ever got an acting career but being a giant, badass robot seems to work.

I have rated this higher than the original but I will have to revisit it so I could really say which I prefer.

There is one thing that kind of bugs me though, but not just about this one but the franchise together. Its the exact same plot (well one, two and three anyway) there are two people sent back in time, one to kill one to save. Terminator always ends up with a two face look by the end of each movie. He steals peoples clothes in the same way. And has to confront a truck/lorry in every movie aswell. Maybe thats the point but for me it comes off as ultimately lazy and very samey.

That being said it still turned out to be a great watch and was glad I finally got round to it. "I'll be back"

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