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  • All the Money in the World

    All the Money in the World


    What starts off as a taut, intense thriller, somehow loses it's focus and momentum and becomes a confusing political thriller that goes on for way too long. The performances are good. Christopher Plummer is reliably fine as always. And it was refreshing yet also strange to see and hear Michelle Williams talk above her usual whispery vocal style (although I haven't a clue about her character's accent. Was she southern? Was she a yankee? Because her accent, when it was…

  • Victoria & Abdul

    Victoria & Abdul


    Judi Dench beautifully recreates her version of Queen Victoria, twenty years after playing the monarch in "Mrs. Brown." While her performance here is not as forceful as it was in the first film, she is still damn good here. And while the premise of this film is basically "Mrs. Brown" with a Muslim rather than a Scotsman (more or less), this film is just as good while also quietly and deceptively, packing a bit of a punch.

    What I love…

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  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips


    As a movie, it is taut and entertaining, though it needed to be about an hour shorter. As for the facts of what actually happened, the film fizzles out, taking an man who put his crew in danger and making him so saintly that at times I thought Mr Hanks, giving one of his better performances, was playing a modern day Christ-like figure. And there is a scene in the ocean that is so jawdroppingly unbelievable, that you can't help…

  • Nuts



    Barbra Streisand acts with a capital A throughout this rich and compelling courtroom drama about a newly divorced woman in her 40's who is making her living as a high-class prostitute as a result of her very dysfunctional childhood. Now, I must say, as a Streisand admirer, in the first hour or so, Ms. Streisand does come across way too strident, which turns a lot of people off, however, if you stick with the film, Ms. Streisand ends up delivering…