Prisoners ★★

Starts put promising and then becomes too convoluted for its own good. Overlong though filled with good performances, (kudos to Jake Gyllenhaal for a near career best perf), the plot has holes in it so large, that you could drive three Mack trucks through it. Who did it is obvious about halfway through, though the reasons are just ridiculous. Hugh Jackman gives another knock-out perf (after Les Miserables) but his character becomes annoying after awhile and you lose all sympathy for him. I think what shocked me the most is that, this is a film with not one, but two, grieving mothers and neither Viola Davis nor Maria Bello is given much to do, which is a shame because there should be some Best Supporting Actress nominations going to this film and there won't be. One more thing, the product placement (in HJ's basement) was ridiculous but yet, two different characters are seen with generic bottles with the generic brand of Whiskey stamped on them. So Crisco and Del Monte allowed their usage but no liquor companies would? Puh-lease.