The West Side Waltz ★★

So-so drivel about a slightly deaf, somewhat arthritic piano player (Shirley MacLaine, coasting on her laurels here) who leaves in a nice, West Side New York apartment building, which is threatening to throw older tenants like herself, who live in rent-controlled apartments. That's the basic premise but there was a subplot involving an annoying, too-loud-for-the-room ingratiating performance by Jennifer Grey that nearly brings the weak plot to a screeching halt. And I do mean screeching.

Liza Minnelli and Kathy Bates have smaller roles as two outcasts trying to get people to take notice of them.

This story is so thin and everyone looks like their agents had let them down by having them sign on to a movie that really has no need to be a movie. It isn't particularly funny or sad or heart-tugging. It's surprisingly emotionless.