Roar ★★★★

total abject failure as a piece of narrative cinema BUT complete success of a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of borderline lethal filmmaking. the worst thing is that this is an impeccably made movie. the levels of anxiety in this thing is front to back unrelenting. each time a big cat fumbles around a human character like a little gi joe or we cut to a tiger jumping down from the ceiling tackling another is just pure terror inducing mania. it truly never backs down (quite literally). there’s a point where the camera pans left to a lion, mere inches away from the lens, and as it roars the cam op quakes in fear. the tacked on resolution is rendered so phony too as that unwavering force of nature carries onto the final frame. i’d like to say this retroactively carries subtextual weight about imperialism and the social unawareness bourgeoisie but in reality this is just a PSA to support film industry unions.

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