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  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu

    Pokémon Detective Pikachu


    Dammit. Randy was right. This movie is ass.

  • First Man

    First Man


    This film succeeds in achieving the spectacle that such a story warrants. You can truly feel the sublime awe of these astronomical vistas and the claustrophobic terror of reaching these views. There's much to admire on the technical end of things as well, with strong direction, cinematography, editing, and music. The story, however, is told in such broad strokes, a likely compromise due to the lengthy span of the real world saga, but this comes at the cost of emotional…

  • Zama



    Damn, what a strange trip from beginning to end. A dreamlike purgatory that spirals into a nightmarish, personal hell. Leisurely in its pace, but necessarily slow, Martel's film manages to say so much about the horrors of colonialism and the folly of man without needing to say much at all. In the filmic tradition of "show, don't tell", the plight of the New World and it's unfortunate inhabitants are presented with near nonchalance, a drama relegated to the background of…

  • Roma



    Painfully magnificent.

    A slow yet meticulous escalation that carries us through the shared highs and lows of society and the human condition. Roma cuts viscerally deep, often bordering on bleak, without ever losing its core essence of unbounded compassion. The film crafts a visual language that comes across as both effortlessly simple and densely layered; every scene breathes with life and authenticity. The joy, pleasure, vexation, tension, and sorrow are made all the more palpable by the impressive assemblage of…

  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Happy as Lazzaro


    A deeply moving, empathetic film of contrasts. By juxtaposing the bleak economic realities of rural, post-war Italy with an urban, modernized one, Alice Rohrwacher thrusts the blunt honesty of Italian Neorealism into a cruel 21st century, wherein we're left to decide if all of society's progress and advancement have truly improved the plight of the disadvantaged. Through the perpetually unassuming, unchanging eyes of Lazzaro, we're presented a vision of humanity where kindness will always be exploited and innocence can only be trampled. The virtue of a sweet, simple Lazzaro will forever be incongruous in a society that devours its own.