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  • Tenet



    A mind-boggling concept of a film that was, for a Nolan film, rather poorly executed. No small contributor to its failure was the worst of the worst audio mix, which all but destroyed any chance of comprehending the crucial dialogue.

    Sadly, Ludwig Göransson's score ends up a distraction and unattractive aping of Hans Zimmer.

    Doing some post-movie research about the film is very rewarding and greatly affects my appreciation of what Nolan was attempting to do.

    Tenet is easily one of, if not, the most frustrating films of my life. That said ... since watching it, I have yet to stop thinking or talking about it.

  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    Had little interest in this film ... until I saw the trailer, then Millie Bobby Brown's irrepressible charm within overwhelmed any sense of apathy that had carried for it previously.

    When it came to the film, itself, it was her natural charm that ended up carrying my viewing experience. If you're going to consistently break the fourth-wall, you better have a doggone interesting character doing said breaking. And MBB delivers cuteness and likeability that Ferris Bueller could only dream of.…