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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    when okoye stared at the man firing at her n she's like "guns... so primitive" i really felt that.

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    it is really unfortunate that i as a viewer feel disconnected and unable to sympathize with most (if not all) of the superheroes here, and that has been my problem with dceu films: how little they talk about the characters without the suits. i think it'd be a way more better film if we get proper introductions to barry, victor, and arthur before they got all mixed up but alas!! and this film feels so—how do i say it—televised? like…

Popular reviews

  • I Killed My Mother

    I Killed My Mother


    knowing xavier dolan directed, wrote, and acted in this film at the age of 19 is like... that could be me but i'm playin'.

  • Black Mirror: Hang the DJ

    Black Mirror: Hang the DJ


    this made me feel things the way a black mirror episode should not have.