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  • Ikiru
  • Certified Copy
  • Mistress America
  • Burning

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  • The Seventh Victim


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  • Compartment No. 6

    Compartment No. 6


    A simple character story and road trip movie done right. Great fly-on-the-wall direction from Juho Kuosmanen that also opens up into more traditional big scenes and moments. Love how the film continues to present numerous minor surprises. Scenes play out in unexpected ways, taking both positive and negative turns. The characters and performances are so natural and grounded, also full of surprises and don't follow a straight line of revelation or growth. Seidi Haarla is awesome as the lead, full of unvarnished emotions and purposeful yearning. The extended ending and final beats are tremendous and memorable filmmaking.

    "Everything seems to be too far away."

  • The Seventh Victim

    The Seventh Victim


    Amusingly ornate in tone. Deadpan suspense gothic in 1943 is a feat. Wish there were more mystery movies with sisters looking for sisters with everyone being a weird asshole and a dash of the occult. Kim Hunter is fun in her naive stiffness, not sure it's a choice or just a accidentally fun. Either way, it helps add a dash of camp.

Popular reviews

  • All My Friends Hate Me

    All My Friends Hate Me

    Over-edited so it's never able to hone in on any suspense, tension or humor - especially the first 30 minutes. Watches like someone cobbled together rehearsals of another movie. There's a worthwhile movie about horrible people buried somewhere in the hyper filmmaking but the film never settles in on a perspective or tone to wrap the unlikable characters in a convincing story.

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    Good god, Alana Haim is amazing in this film. Truly outrageous. The role and performance are all-time great.

    A visual world-building and storytelling jukebox from Paul Thomas Anderson. Loose, specific and joyful. Love he created another great comedy again that most people won't really think is funny.

    <70mm version>