A Manual on How To Not Build Suspense.

It's great to see Regina Hall in a genre film and with a role like this but it's unfortunate the film isn't able to string together a coherent or suspenseful story. Wish this was a different story and a movie that was solely focused on Regina Hall's character.

Setting aside some fo the more outlandish plot points - which feel cynical to say the least, there just isn't a story that builds in any natural or surprising ways. There are quality and worthwhile ideas on race, class and academia - they're just truncated and clumsily inserted through disconnected visuals and overly overt dialogue exchanges. It's almost unintentionally funny how poor the plotting is, especially for a genre/suspense film - things just happen randomly so they can setup the next scene. You kind of forget there's a witch storyline that's supposed to be happening.

Jasmine at the party dancing and it turning into something menacing is an example of a smart, more nuanced and effective scene. Unfortunately, it's the exception.

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