Nope ★★★★½

Excellence in being clever and playful. It's a smiling shoulder shrug of a genre film, and I'm down for it. Might as well embrace the crazy and just try and get the shot, right?

I support Jordan Peele offering a more light-footed blockbuster for the masses. It's consumable and exciting the entire runtime, while still sneaking in enough oddity and arthouse flare to confuse many. There's still plenty of commentary and exploration to be had on spectacle, exploitation and a knowing, perhaps warmer and less cynical, embrace of the consumption/nihilism spiral of our times.

There's such great craft in all corners of the film. Love how it doesn't find the need to layer on excess sentimentality or background bullshit like many other popular blockbuster auteurs. There are so many visually striking and memorable images and sequences that often find a great balance among awe, horror and humor. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer are a delightful pairing. Love a sullen and dispassionate Kaluuya. Palmer is particularly resonant - providing a great emotional spark-plug and levity. Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea are also great.

It's fantastic this has a reasonable runtime and still feels breezy in its pace. Still would be down to watch an extended cut version, too.

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