Dune ★★★★

I probably had too high expectations which came through the book (one of the first ones I’ve ever read for a movie) and following is that I’m very disappointed but that doesn’t mean I didn’t liked it. I mean I surely did but like in the last sci fi Movies I was curioused about I missed so many things. 

Beginning with the most important. The visuals are amazing. Everything looks perfect. Villeneuve like I expected from him got the world of dune simply in a perfect look. The perfect mix from blade runner and Star Wars fits for dune endlessly. 

Than the Cast couldn’t get me completely which is nearly its most problematic point. 
Starting with liet kynes the biggest fail of this movie I feel rubbished of a great character which just isn’t the same as in the Book. Tall and sand bearded… couldn’t get her in the nearest. Weakest casting of the film. Lynch took Max von Sydow that’s what I See in Liet kynes an a bit older experienced fremen with some big helpings for paul. 
Another big disappointment was Javier Bardem. I love him and stilgars character in the book but here it’s just a joke. An unlovely piece of shit came out of one of the greatest character entries in the book. 
Disappointment number three is yueh. For a very important role I missed some character building before. 

Ferguson as Jessica was very solid but could have looked a bit more beautiful I think. Zendeya is the Perfect example and I think the cinematography played a part for that. In compare to Ferguson who only had shots in the dark zendeya got the perfect light and slow motion etc. liked her as chani btw.  
Hawat got a bit too less screentime but I liked his role. Same as hallak with a suited Brolin which could only have a better costume at sometimes. I mean a simple t Shirt on Arrakis ? Come on. Even in the battle a normal jacket doesn’t make anything epic. Isaac as duke was for me just too little. Even paul was taller what made it unepic. Just enjoyed Isaac when he was flying the ship. 

Biggest perfomances for me we’re definitely Chalamet, Momoa and Skarsgard who all had simply great characters and totally suited to them. Enjoyed every second of them all. 

I still don’t know what I should say about the score because anyhow I loved it but it’s like the story I missed so many emotional aspects in it. 

Near that the other problematic point was that it was too rushed. So I think he couldn’t make it better just within a tv show which would be much more suited or a 4 h movie which also would have been ok. Or even better this version for the normal ones and a directors cut for the fans like in lotr. But this was heavily too rushed and nothing emotional could have happened even when the story is an absolute masterpiece. I mean the complete book is! 

In conclusion still thank you Villeneuve for a great movie and cinema comeback for me after a long Roadtrip without any tv. I enjoyed it a lot even when I wished the movie was even better but when there is more to come it maybe will be better because 

This is only the Beginning.

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