Klaus ★★★★

Whuu difficult difficult difficult to rate. 3,5 or 4. Really can’t decide. 

My arguments pro: I really liked it. Made an evening by my grandparents from Stressy to totally chilly and heartwarming but that shouldn’t be the main reason to give the 4 stars.. the story is really originell. New written Christmas story with the main story of a disappointed father with a letter complex :D. Leading to a totally funny amazing piece of heartwarming moments and characters. Especially in Christmas time this touched really. Most beloved character was surely the little Russian girl which was sooo cute. But Simmons as Klaus is also great! 

Contra: Its absolute predictable from start till end. Made fun to predict every little thing but really don’t made the movie better. Also the classic animation climax disappoints a bit but what I expect :D than the score. It’s solid but the soundtrack is absolutely not my thing. This Lara zarrson Song anyhow don’t suits I think. Really liked everything else but these things bring this far back from being perfect. 

All in all I can’t decide at the moment but for the save of the evening I will give it a four. Will rewatch it in the Christmas holidays I think for a final judgment. Showdown Animation

PS: Made a big big update over the last weeks for my 50 favorite scores list with 50 more and a Own composers league of mine would really appreciate your opinion to it ;) TOP 100 SCORES and Composers League

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