Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★

If I have to describe love exposure in one word it’s uniqueness and short after that weirdness. I mean what a ride this movie is. Most people never watched this because of the 4 hours but it’s really greqt paced even when the story could have been shorter filmed. 

The cast is good the direction is great also I liked the editing which makes the movie very enjoyable but the best is definitely the score. Really epic religious feeling. What was my only big problem was the weird scenes with the perverts and there were much. Don’t know if these makes the comedy part of the movie I mostly shamed myself for them instead of laughing. Yeah a bit with the samurai skills haha but not really.

So at all the most important in the movie the love story is really something unique like the movie and in the ending very special. Very liked the open end and at all very liked the movie. Definitely worth 4 hours of watching even when it’s surely not for everyone.

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