Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

One of my biggest willing gaps finally closed. 

I think it’s really good for this when you’ve watched some Lynch’s before.. it has the same feeling and you can get easier in it and so it makes Yeah more or less sense :D typical lynch. 

Probably his finest work with the elephant man but so different. Camera acting is spectacular. And so the tension is. It’s hard to come with even when the movie splits the characters totally in the last half hour but the tension with music camera and co is always there and it feels like nothing these 2,5 hours. 

Ending is more than typical. 2001 Odyssee feeling when you can interprete anything you want in it which is anyhow totally amazing but I think it’s also Lynch’s Problem that he will get this year (only) a honorary award after his 4 nominations... 

It will need a time to rank these lynch weirdos but actually I would say: 

Unofficial 1. David Lynch Cooking Quinoa <3 
1. mullholland/elephant 
2. Blue velvet/ Wild at heart 
3. Lost Highway and eraserhead 
But all of them are in any reason great and nearly the same rating/feeling.

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