Satantango ★★★★

Ok. Well again in this epic month I watched one of the big runtime monumentals of the top 250 Letterboxd movies. Heard and read so much about this even after the movie that I totally can agree for the greatness in making but the pacing unsurprisingly isn’t mine at all and kills the five stars it’s worth totally. 

Watched it yesterday night 4hours and today’s morning 3,5 hours and I could say it wasn’t that hard but I would say it’s not only one of the longest films ever made but also one of the toughest I’ve ever watched. The experience I’ve got here is unique no question about it but the story really could have told in the half of the runtime. It’s stylish as hell and the depressing feelings of the village hits you in the face every time when tarr let the movie flows in his endlessly camera trips. For never experienced such a movie before even not in the tarkovskys although these the same kind of pacing and style have. 

Compared to the Tarkovsky’s in detail I liked the movie in the same kind of way but even when they tarkovskys are to long sometimes with more than two hours this is even more too long but ok for the Endproduct it gives its maybe worth the time. Technical like I said one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen. The cinematography alone is a masterpiece and one of the best I’ve ever seen. It gives the mysterious emotions of the movie perfect back. The highlight for me is probably the „satanstango“ in the middle of the movie which feels truly epic behind the story the whole seven hours has. Great dance btw. 

At all I absolute didn’t regret these seven hours and I totally could understand that this is called a masterpiece but for me it’s not enjoyable enough like Andrej rublev or stalker for example was.

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