Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry ★★★

Filmwelt Filmclub #49 - Taste of Cherry - Ausgewählt von Yaron

Aaaahhh. Big thanks to Yaron for bringing kiarostami finally to me but I’m really sad that I have to say he isn’t my kind of director. At least not yet but I don’t think he has a different style in any of his other movies. 

Taste of cherry is slow. Taste of cherry is silent but all of this wouldn’t be a big problem if taste of cherry wouldn’t have a story which kind of annoys me. Probably sounds stupid but let me explain. The main idea is really interesting and was for me a reason why I saw big potential for this especially on the emotional aspect. But it kind of annoys me when a person who has suicidal thoughts only hopes to somehow be persuaded by other people to want to continue living. The basic idea just doesn't make sense to me, because every new character here knows what he should do for the main character and that leads to him being influenced with his decision. I would have found it better if he had been on a journey without his last wish and had then made the decision. 

In addition to this problem I had, the lack of music meant that no emotions came across to me. I'll make a rough comparison here with once upon a time in America where the music was perfect for the slow style. But when the movie has no music and is slow I need at last a spiritual kind of flair which I would say is in tarkovskys movies the case. There the silence doesn’t bored me, even when in movies like stalker there is a spiritual soundtrack which suits also perfect. 

Enough said. For me, Taste of Cherry is simply a film that left me completely cold for the most part. I appreciate it for its idea, great melancholic shots and some interesting dialogue but all in all it just wasn't my cup of tea. Sorry Yaron

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