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  • Suicide Club
  • Christine
  • Tokyo Drifter
  • The Skin I Live In

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  • I Married a Strange Person!


  • Bottoms


  • Encounter of the Spooky Kind


  • The House That Jack Built


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  • I Married a Strange Person!

    I Married a Strange Person!


    I will forever admire Bill Plympton's indomitable independent spirit
    Even when one of his features can effectively be distilled down to a series of raunchy, grotesque visual gags with the barest coating of narrative disguising his stream-of-consciousness comedy, the roughness of its execution is just the endearing testament to his clear authorial hand. He's an advocate of bad taste in the classic, campy John Waters sense, and although he hasn't yet figured out to tell a feature length story without…

  • Bottoms



    Can't remember a comedy that so firmly knew what it is, what it's poking fun at, and never felt the need to break the layers of absurdity. As if you took the register of parody from Not Another Teen Movie and used it to tell a weird inversion for queer outcasts that has actually crafted jokes and characters. Every line hits hard, carries some smartly delivered truths, and is brought out by a cast that is wonderfully committed to the bit. Plus, the best use in cinema of an Avril Lavigne song to date

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  • Night Mail

    Night Mail

    The narrator spit some fire bars over that choo-choo tho

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    So I have really wrestled with how exactly I came to find myself on the other side of this polarizing critical darling. Normally, I wouldn't invest to much time into the notion, chalk it up to a dismissive but truthful "just not for me" and move on, but something about why Promising Young Woman did not work for me didn't sit right to leave without some added self-assessment. Much like with Sophia Takal's BLACK CHRISTMAS (which I invoke not out…