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  • The Poison Rose

    The Poison Rose

    If you want a movie from 2019 that feels like it's from 1997 while also pretending to know what the 1970s like, this is the movie for you.

    Other notable reasons for viewing:

    -Super goofy open credit sequence
    -Brendan Fraser's accent
    -Peter Stormare, the most Swedish man alive, trying to do a Texan accent
    -An abundance of saxophone music
    -About 10 billion cross-fades
    -Morgan Freeman's character has a distractingly large portrait of himself in his dining room.

  • Blair Witch

    Blair Witch


    TIFF 2016 *spoiler free*

    Tonight during Midnight Madness there was an older fellow sitting next to me who was having a hard time staying awake. His head would loll forward, his shoulders would relax, his body slowly starting to slump over. Every jump scare he would lazily return to consciousness to see if something new was happening, and then, sure enough, a few moments later he'd drift off again.
    I think there's no better summary of how "Blair Witch" made me feel.