Tenet ★★★★½

See you in the beginning. 

I don’t really have a whole lot to add to the conversation as I’m still incredibly confused but I will say that this was the perfect film to see in the theaters for the first time in months:  a loud, booming score, ambitious set pieces, a confusing but engaging story. God I missed it so much. 

As for the film, I’m obviously gonna want to rewatch it a couple more times. do i think that i’ll ever fully grasp it? god no. do i need to fully comprehend it? also no. we’re literally told “don’t try to understand it.” but I do think watching it a few more times will give me an overall better idea of the concept, so hopefully i can appreciate the film even more. 

Overall it’s pretty safe to say that i did love Tenet. i know that it’s not being as universally loved as a lot of other Nolan films, and for good reason. But there’s just something about it. I will say that the beginning dragged— a whole lot of exposition for something that we weren’t gonna understand either way. But who knows, maybe that opinion will change once i revisit it. 

The cast is absolutely outstanding, namely Robert Pattinson. I’m so happy he’s being universally praised for this role, as it’s incredibly deserved. The subtle suave nature of Neil is brought to life so naturally by Pattinson. JDW and Elizabeth Debicki are also amazing. The film simply would not have been as engaging without these performances. Obviously the time inversion concept is the main focus of the film, but the cast brings it all together. 

Honestly, at first I had no idea what to make of Tenet. But, after sleeping on it, I can only come to the conclusion that I loved it. The first half was good but I was still skeptical, but when things started coming together in the third act I noticed my jaw drop in my seat. I really can’t wait to revisit it.

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